When implementing a recycling program in your house or office, you will recycle a lot of paper. Designated recycling bins will help separate the paper and cardboard from other recycling items like plastic and metals.

If you plan to perform Recycling in Gateshead, gathering information on different types of paper products and how they are recycled is a good idea.

To help you gear up for your current waste management plan, check out the different paper and cardboard recycling types.

Types of Papers for Recycling To Consider

  • OCC

The term OCC stands for Old Corrugated Containers. The corrugated cardboard is one of the market’s most common recycled paper products. By checking the material composition, you can easily determine whether you are recycling OCC. 

OCC has a ridged and uneven surface between two flat pieces of board. This material can be recycled and transformed into other materials like postal boxes, bags, etc.

  • ONP

When you have old newspapers on hand, you need to know how to figure out the process to recycle them. ONP or Old newspaper is seen in homes and offices in huge numbers. 

When ONP is recycled, it is converted to useful items like paperboard, art paper and tissue. For processing ONP, these materials need to be sent to the nearby paper mill.

  • High Grade Deinked Paper

The offices and other commercial settings create large amounts of high-grade paper waste products. Some examples of high-grade paper include stationary, letterhead and business documents. 

They must go through a deinking procedure before transforming these items into new products. Removing the ink will help the recycler process the paper better. They do not have to deal further with colour inconsistencies and variations. 

The paper and cardboard are recycled in a few steps:

  1. They are collected from the site and separated as per grade.
  2. They are cleaned and filtered using chemicals to strain out the plastic, stapes and contaminants.
  3. The processing is done.

After processing, slurry is made, drained and flattened to form new paper types. 

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