It is common among house owners to hire a skip for disposing of household and commercial waste. Apart from the day-to-day rubbish, a household produces other types of waste materials as well. A common variant among them is green waste.

More About Green Waste

As the name suggests, green waste is organic rubbish materials. The lion’s share of these wastes is sourced from the garden. The amount of these materials increases after renovation and landscaping works.

Factors to Consider

If a garden is situated in a vast space, it will likely produce more green waste. Leading sources of waste removal in Gateshead can provide skips of different sizes. Before hiring, the homeowner should get a rough estimate of the amount of waste materials.

Give Attention to Selecting the Skip Size

Below, one can find details about different gardening works that require booking a skip. The perfect choice of skips for each work is also mentioned in detail.

  • Landscaping Work: Landscaping is regarded as the renovation work for the garden. It is capable of changing the aesthetic features of the space. After the work, a homeowner has to remove large quantities of topsoil, rubble and turf. One can get rid of these wastes easily by hiring a skip. It is recommended to book 6-yard or 8-yard skips, depending on the size of the garden.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: The seasonal maintenance of a garden is a vital task to keep it in the best condition. Trimming the hedges and branches of big trees and removing weeds are two vital works in this process. The most common waste produced in seasonal garden cleaning is leaves, tree branches and soil. A skip measuring between 2 yards and 4 yards is a perfect choice. They can contain approximately 45 to 85 bags of waste.
  • Garden Construction Projects: Many property owners construct outhouses and patios to decorate the garden. These construction projects can produce a lot of waste materials as well. After the work is done, one is left with broken pieces of bricks, concrete chunks and wood pieces. These can be easily removed by hiring a 12-yard skip from a reputed waste removal facility.

The amount of garden waste is a vital factor when hiring a skip. To get a wide variety of skips from a trusted source, one should contact NE Wasteaway. We can help you to remove different types of waste effectively. You can book skips of various sizes from us and keep your household clean.