The skip-hire service is best for both homes and businesses. However, managing the rubbish at the property is a real issue for the property owners. Besides the other problems, choosing the right size for skips bothers me the most.

Often, homeowners need help choosing the exact size of the skip so that all the waste is kept correctly until the waste collection contractor comes to remove the skip. Hence, if you want to have proper waste disposal, choose skip hire in Gateshead.

Why Does Skip Size Matter?

It is good to choose the right skip size for different reasons. Getting the right size of the skip that is too small will give you less space to put up all the waste. On the contrary, choosing the oversized skip will leave you with a huge bill, an unwanted expense. Hence, hiring the right size of the skip is very important to avoid all the issues.

Before Choosing the Size, Consider the Amount of Waste

The right size of the skip depends on one thing- the total amount of waste you need to dispose of. You should divide the waste into three segments.

  • The waste that you can recycle
  • The waste that you can easily donate
  • The items you want to sell
  • The waste you need to throw 

It gives you a clear idea of how much waste will go inside the skip. Hence, you can easily decide the skip size depending on the total waste you throw away.

Accepted and Restricted Items in the Skip

Knowing what you can put in the skip and what you cannot will help you decide the right size for the skip. You can dispose of the papers, furniture, carpets, metals and plastics from the plumbing project. Even the tiles and ceramics from the renovation site can be discarded in the skip.

However, some items are restricted to be carried in the skip. Materials like chemicals, solvents, liquid waste, batteries, oil, tires and electrical equipment should be taken to the local recycling centre. Due to the hazardous nature of the chemicals, asbestos is also restricted from skip-hire. If you are unsure, you can consult with the professional offering skip hire for the customers.

NE WasteAway is the name that comes to mind when choosing the skip for waste disposal. Make sure to consult with the team now for skip rental quotes.