Waste Management and Recycling Gateshead

Clearing a house can be hectic after a long tiring day. Hire experts from NE WasteAway, we are focused on collecting garbage and recycling the same to ensure environmental sustainability. We follow methods of discarding wastes that will not harm your environment. Our solutions are tailored to suit all waste disposal techniques for recycling in Gateshead.

Our mission is to follow a professional, ethical, and innovative way of waste processing. Whether it’s domestic waste or commercial waste – we consult with our clients and propose cost-effective waste recycling solutions for the management of waste in individual as well as multiple sites.

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Waste Recycling Gateshead

Get Different Types of Waste Recycling in Gateshead

Waste Paper and Cardboard recycling

At NE WasteAway, you will get waste paper and cardboard recycling services in Gateshead. We recycle paper to add to the environmental values. Our waste management experts collect and recycle all waste papers and cardboard from commercial and domestic premises.

Contact us at the earliest and contribute towards environmental benefit.


Waste paper and cardboard recycling

Helping with Plastic Recycling

Huge tonnes of plastic waste are generated every year. Since most types of plastic are non-recyclable, we at NE WasteAway collect them and dispose of them in landfills.

Our experts distinguish between the types of plastic waste and sort out the recyclable ones from the dump.


Plastic Recycling

Experts in Metal Recycling

We help with all grades of ferrous and one ferrous metal recycling. Metals are an integral part of the waste. It is not advisable to dispose of metals everywhere. We at NE WasteAway, sort out the metals from the wastes and separate them into ferrous and non-ferrous types.

Accordingly, our experts dispose of the ferrous and nonferrous metals into their respective faces. So, if you have a chunk of metal-based in your backyard, contact us at the earliest and get rid of the same.


Metal Recycling

Helping with Wood and Glass Recycling

Fret not if you have old and damaged wooden furniture pieces in your backyard. We can help you get rid of the same. Waste wood and glass take up a lot of space. Your backyard might get burdened with large chunks of wood and glass pieces.

Wood and Glass Recycling

If they are not removed on time, you can get hurt accidentally. That is when you should call NE WasteAway. Our experienced group of professionals could take care of all types of garbage in Gateshead. They also offer after-collection services.

Hire us and get your premises cleaned.

Book your appointment as soon as possible and eliminate all types of waste.