Skip hire services are the most appropriate option for cleaning all commercial and residential wastes. However, you must be aware of the relevant legal permits and the legislations that a skip hire company must follow to get rid of the wastes successfully. Every skip hire company has to get permits for getting rid of chemical and hazardous wastes. Before hiring a company for skip hire in Gateshead, speak to the authorities and make sure that you check the permits and the legislations carefully before hiring the same.

What is a Skip Permit?

Every company providing skip hire services must have relevant road permits and skip permits to ensure that they can park the skip truck at any possible location. Moreover, skip trucks might inconvenience the traffic and the neighbouring people staying in your locality. Thus the skip hire company needs to take permission from the local authorities about the parking and the traffic control processes. You won’t need permission if the skip is placed in the private area of the house. Moreover, a skip hire company must also have permission to dump wastes at different locations.

Major Skip Permit Rules to Consider

There are some standard regulations that every skip hire company must follow to complete the work effectively.

  • A skip hire truck must operate in a way by not blocking the entryways of the roads and the alleys.
  • Skip hire companies must take permission from the local authorities about the dimensions of the skip truck that can be allowed within the locality as per the space availability.
  • Skip hire companies must ensure that the colours of the skip trucks are bright to make the truck visible from the ongoing traffic.
  • The skip hire company has to maintain different trucks to collect different types of garbage. For instance, different skip hire trucks need to be employed for the chemical wastes, while some other types of trucks are required to dispose of the solid wastes.
  • Skip hire companies will have to acquire working hours permits from the local authorities to ensure that the trucks do not block the roadways and the alleys for a long time.

The cost of the permits and the legislative permissions depends on the rates prevailing in the local authority. However, hiring a skip hire company without permits can lead to difficulty. Hire NE Waste away for an ethical approach to waste disposal. We are a fully licensed skip hire company providing prompt and convenient commercial and residential skip hire and garbage removal services.