Builders’ waste is any waste or debris that is produced as part of construction. When you begin a building or renovation project, you may need to tackle a lot of heavy waste. This waste can contain a lot of materials, including brick, glass, plasterboard, old carpets, and so on. It can also include metallic wastes, insulation materials, and even other hazardous materials. There are certain specialised skips available to help remove builders’ waste in Gateshead.

Four types of skips to remove builders’ waste

Here, let’s look at four important types of skips that can help you remove all kinds of builders’ waste. When you are hiring a skip to remove such waste, you need to consider the size of the skip and the project size. Let’s look at the different skip sizes available to hire to remove waste.

Midi skip hire

This skip is ideal for commercial and domestic builders waste disposal. These projects could be bathroom or kitchen refurbishments, house clearances or even the removal of medium amounts of household and garden wastes.

Maxi skip hire

There could be construction projects that also generate a lot of waste. This type of skip is usually called a builder skip, and it is extremely popular in the construction industry. If you need to clear out the construction site, you may need this type of skip.

Roll on, roll off, skip hire

These skip types could be perfect for all of your waste disposal needs. These securely enclosed skips have another important function. They can easily facilitate in asbestos removal and removal of all general wastes.

Enclosed skip hire

Enclosed skips are perfect for projects involving toxic waste, including asbestos and a range of different types of chemical wastes as well. There are many specialised options for specific waste types. These skips usually come in specialised sizes. Skips for soil and green waste also require proper disposal and recycling.

Are you looking to choose the perfect skip for your project size? You need to choose the size of the skip according to your project size. Are you looking for assistance in the disposal of builders’ waste in Gateshead? Get in touch with NE Wasteaway, and we can help you choose the perfect skip for your hire. Our specialised waste removal can help you dispose of all kinds of building waste. Call us for we are just a click away.