Do you need a waste removal company but are confused? With so many waste removal companies, it becomes difficult to choose the one to get rid of waste in Gateshead. There are many crucial factors, like experience, quotation, etc, that you need to consider. Apart from that, you must also ask certain questions from your waste removal company in Gateshead before hiring. Let’s take a dig into the subject in this blog below.

Four Questions To Ask A Waste Removal Company

What are your service areas?

This is the first question you need to ask before moving forward with any other questions. This is because you need to ensure the waste removal company you are considering offers services for rubbish pickup to your area. This way, you will also save time as mistakenly, and the companies will inform you if they serve at your address.

How often do you pick up the waste?

It has been observed that most households generally schedule a weekly pickup of their rubbish. Besides, households and offices must also monitor the amount of waste they generate. This will help them understand how often they need to book a waste pickup service. However, offices may require to schedule daily waste pickup services as they will undoubtedly generate a large volume of waste. In such a scenario, we don’t suggest weekly pick up of waste. You must also confirm with the waste removal company if they serve commercial purposes, as not all companies offer waste removal services for offices.

Do you accept recyclables also?

There are many waste removal companies that also accept recyclable items. In such a case, they may provide a separate container. This will help you to sort those items from your regular rubbish. You must also ask them whether they are going to pick up the recyclable materials at the time of picking up regular waste. They may also charge additional for picking them up, as your regular waste pickup services may not have included their charges. Hence, it’s best to make things clear.

What are the types of waste you accept?

Your regular waste pickup services don’t accept many types of items like tarmac, batteries etc. Besides, you may also need to schedule a different service for the clearance of bulkier items like furniture. So, asking this question is important.

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