Hospitals produce a large amount of waste. And it might pose severe environmental impacts. The waste produced by the hospitality industry can range from single-use plastics to food waste and medical waste disposal. So, how do we manage all these mountains of waste? As a leading company in Gateshead concerning waste removal, we might have some tips to share. 

Five waste management tips for the hospitality industry

An effective waste disposal system

Every hospital administration must have a well-planned and effective waste disposal system. This system should be capable of easily disposing of shraps, used bandages, and other potentially hazardous waste materials. Moreover, using bio-hazardous materials in containers which can be easily disposed of is also a great idea to put into action.

Reduce food waste with innovative technologies

Food waste consists of a mammoth portion of waste generated by hospitality. However, the main problem regarding food waste is the usage of energy. Energy-efficient equipment, such as LED lighting and high-efficiency HVAC, can reduce the energy expenditures in making food. 

Eco-friendly guest practices

A great way to encourage eco-friendly activities in the hospital is by rewarding the guests who follow these practices. So, reward the guests who reuse towels and use refillable water bottles as two examples. Fostering a sustainable culture in hospitality can help lower waste and as well as educate your visitors. 

Collaborating with residents and suppliers

Many hospitality businesses have achieved their environmental goals by collaborating and partnering with residents and suppliers. This is a great way to demonstrate your environmental stewardship. Hence, collaborate with community programs to promote sustainability. Your hospitality institution can also use environment-friendly and regionally made items. 

Sustainability training

The staff take care of the entire clockwork machinery of the hospital. From conveying the patients to their cabins to administering medications, your staff ensures the whole setting runs smoothly. Hence, they should also be trained through a myriad of sustainability programs. That way, your employees will better appreciate the nuances of waste management

To put an immaculate waste management system into play is no minor deal. It can take extensive planning, training and incorporation of technologies. As a company dedicated to waste removal in Gateshead, NE Wasteaway can help you every step of the way.